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Hall of Fame Induction Criteria & Committee Makeup

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Section 1:  Hall of Fame Induction Criteria

A. Criteria for Hall of Fame Induction:  Alumni

  1. Definition of Alumni  All inductees should be a graduate of one of the following:
    • San Sara Hall

    • Union School

    • Royal Oak High School709 N. Washington 
      Royal Oak MI 48067

    • George A. Dondero High School709 N. Washington 
      Royal Oak, MI 48067

    • Clarence M. Kimball High School1500 LexingtonRoyal Oak, MI 48073

    • Royal Oak High School (20061500 LexingtonRoyal Oak, MI 48073.

  1. Date of Eligibility:  A minimum of 10 years must pass between the date of graduation and the date the candidate is nominated.

  2. Qualifications:  The graduate must have excelled in some way in the local, state, national, or global arena. Examples include, but are not limited to: public service, business, education, entertainment, fine arts, athletics, science and technology, or any other prominent area.

  3. Nomination Requirements:  Nomination materials should not exceed 750 words in the form of a list, letter, or resume. Nominators may be asked to supply additional documentation if the committee requests.  This may include contacting the candidate and/or his/her family to request additional information.

  4. Verification:  All accomplishments must be authentic and validated.  Credentials will be reviewed/factchecked by the Committee prior to the selection process.

  5. Duration of Eligibility:  If a candidate is nominated and not chosen for induction, he/she will remain eligible as a candidate for the next 2 selection processes.  If a candidate is not chosen for induction after a total of 3 selection processes, he/she may be re-nominated.An open file will be kept for additional information on a candidate.

B. Criteria for Hall of Fame Induction:  Staff

  1. Definition of Staff:  Staff is any employee of Royal Oak Public Schools with a minimum of 20 years of employment in a Royal Oak high school.

  2. Date of Eligibility:  A candidate must be retired from service for 3 years in order to be considered for induction.

  3. Qualifications:  The involvement and participation in the school environment that qualifies a staff member to be a HOF candidate will be kept general and at the committee’s discretion.

  4. Nomination Requirements:Nomination letters and/or resumes should not exceed 750 words. Local, state and national distinctions/recognition awarded to the candidate should be noted by the committee and documented on a candidate’s nomination form.

  5. Verification:  All accomplishments must be authentic and validated. Credentials will be reviewed/factchecked by the HOF Committee prior to the selection process.

  6. Duration of Eligibility:  An open file will be kept for additional information on a candidate and may be updated at any time.



Section 2:  Hall of Fame Committee


 Committee Key Definition and Duties

  1. Frequency of Hall of Fame Committee Meetings:  The HOF Committee will meet in an ongoing fashion.
  2. Size of Committee:  The HOF Committee will be comprised of 12-15 members, who are representative of the school community.
  3. Committee as Defined by the Royal Oak School District:  The HOF Committee operates as a part of “Climate and Culture” within the Royal Oak School District
  4. Financial Activity:  The HOF Committee banks in the District through a District-assigned activity account.

Voting Procedures for Committee 

  1. Public-Posting of Nomination Timeline:  A timeline for nominations for the Hall of Fame induction will be published in local papers and online.
  2. Balloting:  A ballot with nomination materials will be given to each Committee member who will thoroughly review the credentials and vote to determine who should be inducted into the HOF.
  3. Required Vote for Nomination:  If a candidate receives votes from 75% of the total committee membership, he/she will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  4. Additional Voting Rounds:  The Committee shall determine if an additional meeting may be required in the event that further information on a candidate is required before final voting.
  5. Notification of Nominators of Non-Inductees:  If a nominee does not receive a successful nomination vote, the nominator will be notified of the decision along with further information regarding the inductee’s length of continued eligibility (two additional rounds) as well as an option for the nominator to supply more information for the nominee’s open-file.



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