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Class of 1967


William S. Orosz, Jr.

Owner and CEO of Home Building Company

Funded Social, Medical, Religious and Educational Programs

Knighted by the Pope into the Order of St. Gregory the Great

Inducted into the Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame, 2014

William S. Orosz Jr. was a scholar and a student leader in the Royal Oak schools. Beginning at Northwood, continuing at Barton and ending at Dondero where he was class president in 1967 and co-captain of the first undefeated football team since 1931. Bill went on to earn a degree in economics at Dartmouth College and later a master’s degree in business administration from the Harvard Business School.

In 1967 his economics teacher knew of Bill’s abilities and dreams. When the teacher asked his seniors, “What do you see yourself doing ten years form now?” Most students gave answers describing an area in which they would be looking for a job. Bill was different. He said in ten years he would be an entrepreneur and that he would be looking to hire employees.

Keeping to his word, Mr. Orosz followed in his father’s footsteps and entered into the real estate, home building and real estate development businesses. For many years William Orosz has been a major part of the home building industry in central Florida and North Carolina. Most recently, Bill and his sons formed the company, “Royal Oak Homes”, a home building company in Central Florida named to honor his late father and his home town.

William Orosz has served, and continues to serve on many boards of directors and advisory groups. He transferred his business success into the service of his church and his community. He chaired fund raising initiatives to build a day-care facility, a cultural center, an elementary school and a new church for his local parish. Through a Diocesan program, Bill exported his home building skills to villages in the Dominican Republic. Bill and his wife Jody established and funded the Orosz Family Foundation which in turn provided leadership and seed capital to create the Catholic Foundation of Central Florida. Many of the social services and some of the medical research in Central Florida as well as programs at the University of Note Dame can be directly linked to the skills and efforts of William Orosz and his foundation. In recognition for his contributions to the Church, Bill was knighted by the Pope into the Order of St. Gregory the Great.

Class of 1967

4x6 Maximovich

Alexander Maximovich, MD

  • Dr. Max attended Royal Oak School System. Washington Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Clara Barton Junior High School and George A. Dondero High School where he was in the National Honor Society.
  • Dr. Maximovich attended the University of Michigan and received dual majors in Biological Anthropology–Zoology, a minor in Botany, and became a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
  • Dr. Max received his medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine.
  • Dr Maximovich has been affiliated with William Beaumont Hospital (WBH), Royal Oak, Michigan for 41 years. After completing his residency at WBH in Obstetrics and Gynecology, he continued his practice with over 10,000 deliveries. He completed a fellowship in Reproductive Surgery at WBH at the same time.
  • Dr. Max was Director of Gynecologic Endoscopy at WBH and became faculty for 20 years.
  • He was an Instructor of Resident Doctors and Medical students in both academics and surgeries.
  • Dr. Maximovich also was an Associate Professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and at the University Michigan School of Medicine.
  • He was the Director of new surgical procedures, training and laboratory practice for resident doctors and private practice physicians.
  • In 1997 Dr. Max received a National Resident Doctor Teacher of the Year Award.
  • He developed and completed original National Institute of Health studies on Endometriosis.
  • Dr. Maximovich has practiced medicine in the community for 37 years. His practice has been in couple infertility treatment and included offering In vitro Fertilization. In fact, he was part of the first IVF team in Michigan and the first live birth from an IVF program in Michigan. This couple was helped by Dr. Maximovich to get a pregnancy and then subsequently be delivered by him.
  • Because of his specialty in Endometriosis treatment, Dr. Max was involved in Federal Drug Administration drug trials and approval of endometriosis medical drug treatments such as Danazol@ and Lupron@.
  • Dr. Max, as a public service to the community, has been a guest speaker on Public Broadcast TV, cable TV and radio (245 appearances). These live audience shows included ABC's Good Morning Detroit, Good Afternoon Detroit, Kelly & Company, NBC, CBS, On-TV Dish, Sonya Friedman cable show, West Bloomfield educational cable and Henry Ford Hospital Health cable stations.
  • Dr. Max has given educational seminars as a pubic service on more than 200 occasions.
  • Dr. Maximovich has lectured and given instruction to doctors in the surrounding six states and Wyoming, Idaho, California, Ontario, Canada and at the University of Sydney and affiliated hospitals in Australia.
  • Dr. Max and his wife Jane have donated to the Detroit Zoo for the Siberian Tiger exhibit and sculpture.
  • Dr. Alexander Maximovich was inducted into the Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame in 2016.


Class of 1967


Janet Marie Anderson

Internationally recognized artist of ink drawings and watercolors.

Work presented to governors and mayors.

Displayed work in the National Archives in Washington.

Inducted in Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame, 1997

Janet Marie Anderson graduated from Dondero High School in 1967. She was a member of the National Honor Society and the Art Club. She is probably the best known and most respected of all the students taught by Joe Fischer.

Janet's formal training included study at Cranbrook, the University of Michigan, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. She began sketching scenes of Detroit using photographs collected by her grandfather who was a Captain of a Bob-Lo boat.

Ms. Anderson grew to love the city of Detroit, and her pen and ink drawings and watercolors of Detroit landmarks possess a vibrant freshness and clarity. It was said that she rendered a soul into the ships, buildings and landscapes. She received commissions from businesses and publishers who presented her works to celebrities and dignitaries visiting the metropolitan area.

The works by Janet Anderson have been displayed at the Detroit Institute of Art, the Fisher Building and the National Archives in Washington D. C. The Detroit Historical Museum has included her drawings and watercolors in the Documenting Detroit exhibit. Copies of her work are still sold at the gift shop in the museum. Her lithograph of Dondero High School was a frequent gift from the staff to a retiree, and the sale of the lithograph was a fund raiser for the Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame.

When Janet passed away in 1996, a friend wrote: "she was a grand soul leaving her markings on the people she met and we who loved her.  She was an artist's artist who left her creative imprints on this world for future generations to know and love. Her prints will touch our hearts forever."

Janet Anderson was inducted into the Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame in 1997.

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