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Class of 1935 & 1936


The Borgo Sisters
Frances and Virginia

Founded Borgo Sisters School of Dance and Gymnastics

Wrote The Borgo Method for tap dance notation

Frances and Virginia Borgo each graduated from Royal Oak High School--Frances in 1936 and Virginia in 1935. They began dancing at the age of seven and eight. They studied at dance and gymnastics at several universities and received lessons from several internationally respected instructors. Each received a degree in ballet from Dance Masters of America.

They founded the Borgo School of Dance in 1936. Their teaching philosophy incorporated the fundamental belief that each student is special and an important part of the program.

The Borgo Sisters School of Dance and Gymnastics follows a well defined system where each class is presented with age appropriate steps and music. Lessons are designed to train and strengthen the body while instilling confidence and poise. Their system was formally codified as The Borgo Method and published in 1994. It is said that what sheet music is to musicians, the Borgo Method is to tap dancers.

The sisters have taught dancers for Broadway, The Rockettes, and ballet companies as well as several generations of local dancers In 1997 each was given an award by the Dance Masters of Michigan and the Dance Masters of America. Frances and Virginia Borgo were inducted as a team into Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame in 1998.

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