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Class of 1941


Oliver Fretter

Business owner and manager of national chain of appliance stores

Creative in marketing techniques


Oliver Fretter graduated from Royal Oak High School in 1941

He was an electronics and major appliance retailer in the Detroit area who, at one time, had locations nationally.

He started his firm in the 1950's, and in 1992 he acquired one of his greatest competitors, Silo Electronics. Unfortunately, he was unable to successfully compete with the super stores Best Buy and Circuit City and all of his stores were closed by May, 1996

"Ollie" Fretter became known in the Detroit area in the 1970's and 1980's for his humorous TV commercials in which he promised, "I'll give you five pounds of coffee if I can't beat your best deal." When required, he did give away five-pound cans of Maxwell House coffee which he wrapped with paper labels that read, "Fretter House Coffee".

Oliver Fretter was inducted into the Royal Oak High School Hall of Fame in 1996.

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